Tarasacoon Halloween PP

Outcross female black tortie and white polydactyle

 Born the 27th september 2012 in Belgium.

Halloween is a young and promising outcross queen. One side of her pedigree is Canadian foundation, the other half is made of quality scandinavian lines. Her type is perfectly balanced and harmonious, she is very long, bony and tall. Playful and very expressive, she enlightens our house with her happy temper, and is the kids best friend. She adopted our neuter Galadriel as her "nanny" and is always around him. Her facial marking is impressive : look, she has a "bal masqué" mask! Her tortie colour is deep and warm, very well spread over her long body. Her large polydactyl paws and legs, her flower shaped cushions make an irresistible impression on all visitors. We are very grateful to Michelle and Thierry Bourcy to have accepted to let this beautiful and cheerful cat, with prestigious origins, join our family.

Her pedigree contains :

bouton maine coon 36% top 5

bouton maine coon 13% clones

bouton maine coon 0% inbreeding on 4 générations, 2% complete


CardioEchography HCM/doppler: Normal, November 2013, Dr Haroutunian

Test adn SMA et HCM1: Negatif

PKD: Negatif, November 2013


maine coon

maine coon maine coon

maine coon maine coon

maine coon maine coon

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