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Alsciaukat is the name of the largest star in the Lynx constellation.

Our hobby cattery was established in 2002 after we welcomed Sheliak and Kikimora from the Dorsai Cattery in Belgium.

We are passionate about the Maine Coon cat, its origins, its exceptional beauty and temperament, and we are dedicated to the preservation of the genetic heritage of this marvelous breed.

We carefully select our lines and try to bring ”fresh blood” into healthy traditional show lines by mixing them with new lines coming straight from the Northeastern States of the USA (outcrossing).

Our cats are checked (ultrasound) every year by a cardiologist at the Vet School in Lyon and are screened for genetic diseases such as HCM, PKD and SMA (DNA and echo tests).

Our goal is to breed healthy, sound and sturdy cats with sweet disposition.

If you can spare a few moments and wish to learn more about us, our cats, the breed, health concerns, outcrossing, we can only recommend that you read our pages “Questions and answers”.

Our cats are true member of our family and our three children greatly contribute to our cats’ socialization. We provide our kittens with lots of care and love and THEY give us much more in return.

Our page “kittens” will inform you about our past and current litters. Please feel free to send us an email if you have any question.

If you wish to buy a kitten for showing and/or breeding, you need to carefully read our special pages “questions and answers” before you contact us.

Our website is dedicated to Scirocco, our first Maine Coon cat, who is still terribly missed by our family.
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